ISC Rope Grab 14mm-16mm


Quick Overview

Rope grab with removable pip pin axle for 14 mm-16 mm ropes.

The RP205 Ropegrab has a Pip Pin Axle, allowing the Ropegrab to be fitted to or removed from the working line at any point- without the need for the user to detatch from thier Harness. The Pip Pin is a 'push-button' device, which allows the user to quickly and efficiently secure the device during use.

ISC Ropegrabs are made from High Strength Aluminium and have a non-aggressive Cam-face design.

Material Aluminium
Finish Anodised
Weight (g) 95 g
Length 82 mm
Width 45 mm
Height 30 mm
Max. Working Line 14 mm-16 mm
Approved Standards EN 12275