Looking after your lawn

Early autumn is peak time for lawn care, with the raking out of dead material, spiking hard surfaces, raking in lawn top-dressing, applying autumn feeds and over-seeding – spreading fresh seeds to bare patches. With lawns showing brown patches after a hot dry summer, it is worth getting materials in early to swing into action as soon as there is enough rain. Dethatching with a spring tine rake can be hard work so consider an electric or petrol scarifier to help save your back. Christchurch POwr Tools always carry a good selection of these. Brush in a sandy top dressing afterwards, followed by an application of autumn lawn feed to prepare your lawn for the cold winter months.

Tidying the garden

Trimming plants and raking up (or using a leaf blower on) fallen leaves and fruits keeps gardens neat as summer winds down, but remember that spent plants can look good in frost and often support wildlife. On the other hand, removing diseased or pest-infested material, such as rose leaves stricken with blackspot, can significantly reduce problems in the following year. Use shears, loppers or a hedge trimmer to maintain pruning on decidious and evergreen hedges to keep them looking good.

When the leaves fall in autumn, they should be cleared from the lawn regularly. Leaves left lying on the lawn will deprive it of light and encourage the formation of dry, brown patches and the growth of moss. Mow your lawn for the last time around the beginning of November. Make sure that the grass is not cut shorter than 5 cm as longer grass can make better use of less sunlight. This will ensure improved resistance against weeds and moss.

Using an autumn fertiliser is also recommended. Autumn fertilisers usually have a low nitrogen content and a high level of potassium. The increased amount of potassium strengthens the grass and increases its resistance to frost. Traditional lawn fertilisers should not be used in autumn since they contain a high amount of nitrogen and make the lawn grow faster, which in turn makes it more susceptible to frost. Need a good quality fertiliser spreader ? – give the showroom a call on 01202 473355 or visit us in Christchurch.

Go Cordless this autumn

Going cordless is a great way to make sure that the tools you only use a couple of times a year are going to start easily. One battery does all and this autumn you could be pruning, hedge trimming, mowing & leaf blowing all at the touch of a button. The staff Christchurch POwr Tools offer unbiased advice on all the combinations available to you for both Stihl & Ego cordless tools. They really are a great alternative to traditional 2 stroke machinery.