Its an exciting start to the new year when you have some great new products on the way!!

Here is a sneak peek of some new products you will see in store and online from the end of march 2020…..


LM1707E-SP Mower-This new model makes it even easier to negotiate lawn slopes with the aid of the infinitely variable self-propelled drive system. Adjustable handle heights and easy grass box emptying positions make the mower even more comfortable to use.

CS1800E 45cm Chainsaw- The new EGO 45cm chain saw is a very powerful chain saw that allows users to cut faster while still maintaining great comfort and safety. The saw cuts at 20m/s which means it can tackle the toughest of jobs in no time. To increase safety and simplicity the new saw comes equipped with an automatic chain tensioning system that takes all the fuss and worry out of tensioning. Tensioning is taken care of by a spring system which is
activated by simply turning a handle through 90 degrees

10.0Ah 56 Volt Battery-

  • 10.0 Ah 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery: Industry’s most powerful battery 40% More
  • Patent Pending Keep Cool Technology: Keeps each battery cell cool for extended life
  • Patent Pending Power Management System: Protects the battery from harsh elements
  • Fast Charge Time: 70 Minutes
  • Standard Charge Time: 190 Minutes
  • Compatible with all EGO Power+ Power Equipment

BBA2100 Multi-Tool Bristle Brush- Make short work of sweeping hard surfaces with our easy-to-attach bristle brush. The 1.5mm bristles make it ideal for cleaning the toughest areas whilst protecting the operator from flying debris. Clear moss and wet leaves from hard surfaces easily with the new bristle brush attachment.


HRG416XB & HRG466XB Cordless Lawnmowers- Fully Weatherproof, Renowned izy steel deck, low noise from aluminium fanless motor, on-off selective mulching switch (HRG466XB only)

Also adding to their cordless range will be a blower, hedgecutter, strimmer and MIIMO- More information coming soon……..