Ego’s revolutionary Arc Lithium 56v battery technology delivers the industry’s highest energy capacity in a portable handheld battery. With a range of battery sizes available from 2.0Ah to 7.5Ah, choose the power you need to tackle any task.


  1. Exterior Mounted Battery – Stays cool to deliver longer lasting power
  2. Power Management System – Shows battery’s remaining power level
  3. Unique ‘Keep Cool’™ Technology – Maintains performance by preventing overheating
  4. Innovative Arc-Shaped Design – Lowers temperature across the battery


Performance Statistics
Battery 2.0Ah 4.0Ah 5.0Ah 6.0Ah 7.5Ah Backpack Battery
Capacity (WH/AH) 112/2.0 224/4.0 280/5.0 336/6.0 420/7.5 1299Wh at 56v rated
Charge times Rapid charger 25 mins 30 mins 40 mins 45 mins 60 mins 240 mins
Standard charger 40 mins 80 mins 100 mins 115 mins 145 mins N/A
Weight 1.3kg 2.2kg 2.2kg 2.8kg 2.9kg 7.8kg without harness