Enjoy range-topping power and performance and get the job done comfortably and super-quickly with this 3000 watt eight-ton vertical-type electric log-splitter from Handy!


£629.99 £599.00


Handy’s largest and most powerful electric log-splitter offers fantastic productivity and will enable you to rapidly reduce a plentiful wood-stock to easily manageable and easy-burning logs ready for your burner or open-fire.

It’s very high-output 3000w motor is pleasingly quiet in operation and combines with a hydraulic system to produce a massive seven-ton splitting-force that ensures even the most stubborn hardwoods will be chopped without problem.

Handy THPLS8TE 8-Ton Vertical Electric Log-Splitter is highly flexible in use, with its adjustable base-plate making it possible to manage log-lengths from 10cm all the way up to 55cm (the splitting-diameter ranges from 8cm to 30cm).

Dual operating-levers mean it’s impossible for your hands to contact moving-parts as the log is split; while a transport-handle and wheels work to make it simple to shift to and from the shed or garage.

Also featured are steel gripping-jaws that hold the subject-log securely in place during the splitting-process.

  • 8 Ton Splitting Force
  • 3000 Watt Motor
  • Log length capacity between 100mm – 550mm (4″ – 21.5″)
  • Log diameter capacity between 80mm – 300mm (3″ – 12″)
  • Wheels for easy transportation